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Clonex Rooting Hormone 50ml

  • It seals cut tissue instantly, eliminating the risk of infection or embolism.
  • It contains rooting hormone at 3,300 parts per million, the full strength required for explosive root development.
  • It is a gel – far safer than liquids or powders because it cannot splash or blow about. Unlike liquids and powders, CLONEX will remain in
  • contact with the stem right through the rooting period.
  • It does not wash off when plants are watered.
  • It works with partner products ROOT RIOT and CLONEX MIST to give young plants the healthiest and most powerful start in life.

Digital USB Microscope

  • Adjustable 10 to 300X magnification
  • Image sensor resolution up to 5MP
  • Focus range 10 to 500mm
  • Adjustable lighting by white LED’s
  • Snapshot (JPEG) or video capture to PC
  • Powered by 5VDC from USB port
  • Software Windows and MAC compatible
  • Supplied c/w USB cable, software and support stand

LCD Digital USB Microscope

  • 3.5? TFT colour LCD monitor
  • Adjustable up to 500X magnification (1200X digital zoom)
  • Image sensor resolution up to 5MP
  • Focus range 10 to 50mm
  • Adjustable lighting by white LED’s
  • Snapshot (JPEG) or video capture to PC or SD card (not included)
  • SD card slot, USB and TV outputs
  • Software Windows and MAC compatible
  • Size: ?L149 x W104 x H227 mm (1100g)
  • C/w charger, battery, USB cable, ruler, software and manual

Walk-in Growtent/greenhouse


Dimensions:?1420mm x 1420mm x 1920mm (h)

Protects delicate Plants from frost
? No Tools required.
? Simple assembly.
? Indoor or outdoor use.
? A removable, polypropylene reinforced UV stablised Polythene plastic cover.
? Roll-up zippered front panel retains solar energy to bolster growth.
? Sturdy, tubular steel frame offers plenty of support.
? For use on the deck, patio or balcony.

Micro-Tip Pruning Snips


Micro-Tip Pruning Snips

From the razor-sharp blades , Micro-Tip Pruning Snip has packed superb performance into a tiny package. Theres even a blade cover to protect you and the blades on those rare occasions when youre not putting this snip to good use.

  • Easy-open spring action reduces hand stress while cutting
  • Super sharp, micro-tip blades give you top-of-the-line precision and control
  • Fully hardened stainless steel blades holds sharp edge longer
  • Ambidextrous lock
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45 Cell Seed Tray


This will hold jiffy 7 or rockwool plugs. Alternatively, use seedling mix