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Rock Wool


Rockwool products can hold large quantities of water and air that aid root growth and nutrient uptake in hydroponics; their fibrous nature also provides a good mechanical q`rucTure |o hold txe rl!np;stqjme.!0D%A%0L
Pdug 61 x 40 x 40-m
x50D%0@Medum 7.5 x!C2%Q07.5 x 6.5cm

Large 10 x 10 x 6.5cm

Extra Large 15 x 15 x 15cm

Kelpak 500ml


Kelpak, derived from the seaweed species Ecklonia Maxima (Kelp), is a natural and unique source of Auxins and Cytokinins, a group of plant growth bioregulators that have been proven to have a number of beneficial physiological effects on plants.

Rooting hormone gel


Root Gel cloning solution propagation cutting vitamin hormone

Product Information

Give your cuttings a strong start with Root-Gel. Its patented combination of vitamins and hormones works to simultaneously protect and nourish cuttings while promoting vigorous root growth. Root-Gel forms a protective seal around the treated area, which acts as an artificial root system while the cutting grows.

50ml Vitamin-hormone gel formulated for the propagation of cuttings. Root-Gel contains IBA, NAA, and vitamin B-1 in a water soluble form, plus just the right amount of essential minerals.Product may differ from image.Rooting hormone gel is great for making clones and taking cuttings from existing plants you have .

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45 Cell Seed Tray

R60.00 R45.00

This will hold jiffy 7 or rockwool plugs. Alternatively, use seedling mix


Jiffy Starter Pellet


Circular peat pellets(50mm) or (30mm) are an ideal medium for seeds or cuttings. They work well with vegetables, fruit, and herbs. Earth-friendly, biodegradable pellets expand quickly. ( Price per pellet )

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Garland Small Unheated High Dome Propagator

R160.00 R140.00

Garland Small Unheated High Dome Propagator : G20 is ideally sized by Garland for the windowsill. The base tray features?a unique 2 tier drainage cell holes drainage holes while the cover features the easy to adjust ?dial? ventilator.

Dimensions ? 23cm (l) x 17cm (w) x 18cm (h)

The lid is Injection moulded in crystal clear shatter resistant material.

This is a?Premium range of propagation, all made from high quality recycled plastics. These items are super strong and durable, with thicker wall sections offering extra rigidity. The trays are easy to clean and can even be put in a dishwasher. Although injection moulded trays are generally more expensive than vacuum formed equivalents, they will easily last for 10 years or more.

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Super 7 Propagator


Super 7 Electric Windowsill Propagator. While windowsills can often provide ideal light conditions for successful propagation, they can also be cool and draughty.