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Autopot 1 Pot Unit


This system is used when you already have an Autopot system and would like to add another unit to your existing ?Autopot system.

The 1Pot Auto Pot?unit is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide range of plant varieties and sizes. The 1Pot Auto Pot unit?is easily extended so many pots can be linked to a single tank.

The 15 litre pot that is supplied with the 1Pot module enables you to grow large specimen plants.

The pot and the tray can be easily ?moved if the? plant grow too large? and need to be? spaced further apart.

The 15 litre pots used in the 1Pot module? and
the 8.5 litre pots pots used in the 2 Pot Unit system are interchangeable and can be used? in either tray design.

Ensure all trays are level when in position.

1x 1Pot System
1x Tray & lid
1x 15ltr Pot
1x AQUAvalve
1x 1 meter of 6mm Pipe
1x Marix Disc (SQUARE) 186mm x 186mm (BLACK)
1x Root Control Disc (SQUARE) 196mm x 196mm (BLACK & GOLD)

1x 6mm Tee for easy connection to the?1 Pot Unit Kit or existing systems.

Reservoir not included.

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Autopot 2 Pot


This system is used when you already have an Autopot system and would like to add another unit to your existing ?Autopot system.

The 2 Pot Unit system is the preferred system used by commercial growers throughout the world. It offers maintenance free growing optimum growth without wasting a single drop of water.

The?2 Pot Unit system will water and feed your plants using 8.5 litre pots without the need for pumps, timers and electricity.

Whether using the?2 Pot Unit stater kit or multiple easy2grow extension kits on a vast commercial scale, this system provides everything the plant requires.

1x 2Pot tray & lid
2x 8.5ltr pots
2x Marix discs ? the Marix discs are placed inside each of the pots to prevent soil/compost from leaving the pots
2x Root Control Discs ? the RCD?s are placed in the tray under each pot, gold face up. The RCD?s will prevent roots from leaving the pots and discourage them from heading towards the AQUAvalve.
1x single AQUAvalve with the 2Pot Extension Kit is placed in between the pots.
1x 1 meter of pipe
1x 6mm Tee for easy connection to the?2 Pot Unit Kit or existing systems.

Reservoir not included


Aqua Spyder Grow Box 1m2


1m2 grow box

self-watering ideal for a small space or a gardener wanting to have a completely expandable modular veg and herb garden.

very low maintenance works very well in our tunnels.

ideal for the person wanting to grow your very own greens for the house, extremely clean system so perfect for kids.

system has been used to grow commercially

1 x 1m squared grow box

1 x bed liner

1 x 50ltr granite chips

1 x 250ltr grow media (promix, perlite, vermiculite)

1 x Aqua Spyder self-watering system

1 x 100ltr reservoir

1 x 2ltr pumps spray bottle

1 x 1ltr measuring beaker

1 x 5ltr Nutrients (A-B-MPK) Installation Can be Arranged

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Complete 2 pot Autopot


1 x 2 pot Autopot system
25ltr resivour
20ltr grow media mix
1 x 35ltr per hour air compressor
5 meter air house
1 x gromits

AutoPot are specialists in?self-watering systems, with emphasis being strongly placed on efficiency and preservation. AutoPot delivers products that are considered the most environmentally friendly?watering systems?in the world to both domestic, hydroponic and commercial markets. Our systems ensure this claim as the plant uses everything that is supplied to it; there is no loss of water, run-off or leakage!