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Complete Indoor Grow Tent

R8,100.00 R7,290.00

Indoor Grow Tent Combo Includes :

  • 1x Grow Tent 800 x 800 x 1800
  • 1x 400w Magnetic Ballast
  • 1x Reflector birdwing small
  • 1x HPS Globe
  • 1x Extractor Fan 100mm-175m-3/h
  • 1x Ducting 102mm-10m
  • 1x Carbon Filter 100x200mm/500m-3/h
  • 1x Analogue Timer

The indoor grow tents Light Controlled Environment offers features normally found on more expensive huts. Features: 8mm steel poles powder-coated white, Strong plastic molded corners, Premium quality zippers, same as used on more expensive units, Duct ports with drawstrings (4″ to 9″) – 5 on smaller tents, Roll up rear door with straps to keep the doors open, Duct ports with twin socks, no flanges necessary, Waterproof double layered floor, Inner lining is 500 D canvas material with dimpled metallic…. the same as premium units.This units works very well with our deep water culture system

150 x 150 Pro-mix Tent Combo


15 pot grow set up just add seed!

Choose from Digital 600 watt, magnetic 600 watt or 1000 watt Digital


A complete grow tent kit is the quick way to grab all the products that are necessary to create a fully functional growing environment for your plants.

This particular kit is a great value kit. In one simple transaction you can purchase a tailored kit that includes a grow tent, grow light, growing medium, nutrients, and any additional accessories needed to start cultivating plants at home.

What?s in the kit?

  • 1.5 m x 1.5 m x 2 m grow tent
  • Ph Pen Hanna checker
  • 6? centrifugal fan 3 speed
  • 8? centrifugal fan 3 speed
  • 6? ducting 10 m
  • 8″ ducting 10 m
  • 6? x 500 mm carbon filter
  • 8″ to 6″ reducer
  • Temp and humidity sensor
  • GHS Co Grow powder feed 1kg
  • GHS Co Hybrid powder feed 1kg
  • 500 ml Ph Down
  • 6″ duct clamps (x 3)
  • 8″ duct clamps (x 4)
  • Analogy timer 24hour

Choose light system?

  • 600?watt magnetic combo
  • 600?watt magnetic ballast
  • 600?watt HPS
  • 600?watt MH
  • Medium?reflector
  • 12kg yo-yo hanger
  • 600?watt?digital combo Medium reflector
  • 600?watt?digital dimmable?ballast
  • 600?watt HPS
  • 600?watt MH
  • Medium?reflector
  • 12kg yo-yo hanger
  • 8″ duct clamps (x 2)
  • 1000 watt digital combo XXL reflector
  • 1000 watt digital dimmable ballast
  • 1000 watt HPS
  • 1000 watt MH
  • XXL reflector
  • 68kg heavy duty hangers
  • 8′ duct clamps (x 2)

Choose?Grow system?

  • ?soiless grow pot system
  • 25cm (15ltr)?pots with drip tray (x 15)
  • 50ltr Promix straight (90% coco ? 10% Perlite) (x 5)
  • 6 plant DWC Grow system (4 x complete systems)
  • 68ltr grow bucket
  • 1 x Grow box 68ltr
  • 1 x Air pump 25ltr per min
  • 1 x Air stone 80mm
  • 8 x Net pots 75mm
  • 8 x Rock wool seed plugs
  • 1 x Measuring cup 5oml
  • ?Hydro-balls 1ltr

These are all the essential items you?ll need to start growing indoors. Although all of the products in our grow tent kits have been carefully selected to offer high levels of plant performance. If you?re looking for a kit that offers greater growing power and excellent results then make sure you check out our other tent combo?s