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Deep Water Culture 6 Pot


The 6 Pot System Includes : 1 x Grow box, 1 x Air pump, 1 x Air stone, 8 x Net pots, 8 x Rock wool, 1 x Measuring cup, Hydro-balls 1ltr

Deep water Culture 20L single system


1 x 20ltr DWC bucket, 1 x 100mm net pot square, 1 x 35ltr air compressor, 1 x air stone, 1 x 5m air hose, 2 x 6mm gromits, 1 x 1ltr hydro-ball. Picture is of a DWC break down not exact product

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Deep Water Culture System starter kit


1 x 5ltr grow bucket

1 x Air pump, air stone

1 x Net pot

1 x jiffy starter pellet 50mm


4 x 10g packet’s of powder feed Hybrid

1 x 10g packet of powder feed Grow

how to manual .

This is the perfect system to get you started on hydroponics its cheap and is also the perfect gift to get your friends started .