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NFT -EBB flood and drain system


The FlooT NFT system comprises of individual NFT channels. Each channel accomodates 10 plants.
The FlooT system has been designed for ease of installation. No drilling is required, simply pop-out the cut-outs for the netpots, attach some irrigation piping to the inlet and outlet points and you’re ready to start growing vegetables and herbs.
Floot is made from UV resistant material and is suitable for outdoor use.
Add as many FlooT channels side by side or lengthwise to grow as many plants as you want.


How it works?
FlooT can be used in a pure NFT configuration, or flood and drain (using a timer)

FT Flood-and-Drain configuration below:


The system comprises of:
NFT Channel for 10 plants
10 x 75mm Netpots

Dimensions & Net Weight
120cm x 14.5cm x 7.5cm