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Green House Plastic


Green House Plastic

Plastic cut to size, sold per running meter

Standard widths for Plastic is:-

6.5 Meter

7.5 Meter

10.5 Meter

14 Meter

PLease note 2 days lead time on all plastic orders.

  • IR Diffused
  • 3-layer long-life
  • IR, anti-dripping
  • diffused film
  • 200 micron

The IR effect prevents heat from escaping to the atmosphere during nights, thus offering protection from frost and ensuring earlier harvest and higher yield. The anti-dripping (*) effect prevents the formation of droplets on the film, thus improving light transmission and reducing the incidence of certain diseases. Light transmission and/or diffusion level can be adjusted according to the requirements of each area or crop

Tunnel 3m,6m,12m DIY

Tunnels come in an easy to assemble DIY Kit.
The standard sizes are all 3.5m wide x 2.2m high
We use the genuine 200 micron plastic from Isreal.
NO Rust, Durable and Long Lasting
Standard sizes:
3.5m wide x 2.2m high & 3m / 6m / 12m length
Advantages of Tunnels:
  • We use the 200 micron, UV resistant plastic which is imported from Israel and can with stain the harshest sun rays.
  • Plus we give you the option to cover your tunnel with the 40% black / white shade netting for added protection against?animals, ? hot conditions, and hail and doubles the life span of your tunnel. ?
  • We do recommend you take this option.
  • The strongest, thickest greenhouse plastic you get on the market
  • Plastic has a 3 yr guarantee and a lifespan of about 10 yrs
  • It is cut to size to fit over the entire tunnel, NO joins in the plastic
  • The Structure is made from PVC ? UV resistant ? 50yr life span
    • The Door Frame is made from treated wood / netting and closes tightly with a latch to lock
    • No RUST ? DURABLE & Long lasting
    • 2 doors for ventilation
    • The tunnels are anchored firmly to the ground and can with stain harsh weather conditions.
    • DIY Kit ? Easy to assemble
    • comes with a complete manual
Benefits of Tunnels
  • Protection of plants from bad weather & solar radiation
  • Off-season nursery can be raised
  • Crops are of very good quality and give good yield
  • Use less water and save labour time
  • Pests and diseases can be controlled easily
  • Extend your growing season

Tunnels are perfect for Hydroponics 1m2 Grow boxes are perfect for these tunnels