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Green House Plastic


Green House Plastic

Plastic cut to size, sold per running meter

Standard widths for Plastic is:-

7.5 Meter

14 Meter

PLease note 2 days lead time on all plastic orders.

  • IR Diffused
  • 3-layer long-life
  • IR, anti-dripping
  • diffused film
  • 200 micron

The IR effect prevents heat from escaping to the atmosphere during nights, thus offering protection from frost and ensuring earlier harvest and higher yield. The anti-dripping (*) effect prevents the formation of droplets on the film, thus improving light transmission and reducing the incidence of certain diseases. Light transmission and/or diffusion level can be adjusted according to the requirements of each area or crop

Mylar Film Plain


Plain (2mm) 1.2m x 8m Roll : Mylar reflects 98% of the light, put on walls to get maximum lumens.