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About Biobizz?

From planting seed to picking the first produce, Biobizz? are leaders in their field when it comes to eco-friendly crop cultivation. Potting soil, liquid fertilizers, substrate enhancers ? we produce a huge range of 100% biological products for all kinds of plants. In fact, ever since we began in 1992, Biobizz has helped people grow successfully and organically, with no earth-hating chemicals in sight.

Green thinking

Our philosophy is pure and simple: to be ecologically aware and make the organic cultivation of crops accessible for everyone, without leaving behind any negative impact on the environment.
Earth mission

Before our top quality organic fertilizers are sold, you can be sure the highest level of research and development has gone into them. It?s why we can claim that every Biobizz? product consistently contains the correct amount of organic ingredients. And why we guarantee satisfaction and peace of mind. Because with us taking care of your crops, you know that you?re helping protect the earth from harm.

Although Biobizz Worldwide was founded in the Netherlands, today our main facilities are in Spain. We also have sites in France, England and North America. Being able to deliver to partners all over world means everyone has the opportunity to grow well with Biobizz.

BioGrow Range


Environmentally friendly organic growing is an integrated approach to plant care based on the principle that a healthy environment creates healthy plants.



Comes in 1kg packets

Ingredients: Calcium nitrate, magnesium nitrate

2-1 Ratio

Feeding Schedule:?1/4tsp ?per 3?Litres of water

Cal-Mag (Calcium ? Magnesium)
As the name suggests, Cal-Mag contains calcium and magnesium, along with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, so be careful when considering this control method. Do not use Cal-Mag during the flowering stage or the flowers will receive too much nitrogen. This treatment should be applied during the vegetative stage. Cannabis roots absorb calcium and magnesium in a proper pH level (6.5). If the pH is off, calcium deficiency can result in the forming of dead spots in the leaves, then crinkling or spotting. Follow instructions and don?t over-apply or you can end up raising the essential nutrient levels too high.

CalMag Essential


CalMag Essential ? CMK 14 (7:0:6 + Ca+Mg+Zn+B)

Specifically developed to improve soil CEC (cation exchange capacity). CalMag Essential supplements

the soil with all the main base cations improving soil structure stability, nutrient availability, soil pH

and the soil?s reaction to fertilisers.