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Comes in 1kg packets

Ingredients: Calcium nitrate, magnesium nitrate

2-1 Ratio

Feeding Schedule:?1/4tsp ?per 3?Litres of water

Cal-Mag (Calcium ? Magnesium)
As the name suggests, Cal-Mag contains calcium and magnesium, along with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, so be careful when considering this control method. Do not use Cal-Mag during the flowering stage or the flowers will receive too much nitrogen. This treatment should be applied during the vegetative stage. Cannabis roots absorb calcium and magnesium in a proper pH level (6.5). If the pH is off, calcium deficiency can result in the forming of dead spots in the leaves, then crinkling or spotting. Follow instructions and don?t over-apply or you can end up raising the essential nutrient levels too high.

Worm Castings


Worm castings are a rich, all-natural source of organic matter with lots of nutrients and moisture-holding capabilities. Earthworm castings are known to have an extraordinary effects on plant life. Castings improve the soil structure and increase fertility making them the most enriching soil conditioner available.

Widely & successfully used for propagation and all stages of transplants and a 10% to soil mixes come highly recommended.

Can also be effectively used to make teas, for foliar?application to green up leaves and to help?keep insects at bay, mainly during vegetative stages.

The product must be kept closed to maintain miosture levels for bacteria to stay alive until ready?for use.

****5 bags of 30L will be R150 shipping, any bags thereafter will be quoted separately and added manually to the order at R30 per bag.****

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Powdered Kelp Meal


Powdered Kelp Meal is a?natural plant growth stimulant obtained by alkaline hydrolysis of the seaweed plant. Kelp Powder contains a natural balance of major and minor nutrients, enzymes, amino acids, humic acids and other organic substances totaling over 60 elements.

Can help increase yields, reduce the plant stress from drought, and decrease susceptibility to pest and disease issues.

Eco-Fert silica (Diatomaceous Earth)

Our Fertilizer Grade is designated for organic fertilizers and soil amendments. This product is far less refined than the two products manufactured for ingestion. This product is purely designed to add to soils to improve the bio-available silica content and improve the other aspect of the soil such as increase the cation exchange capacity and water holding capacity. Bio-available silica provides plants with internal pest resistance and improved growth.?Being a less refined product it is far cheaper than the other products but is?still relatively effective as a topical pest control remedy.


??????? Organic Fertilizers

??????? Soil amendments

Kelpak 500ml


Kelpak, derived from the seaweed species Ecklonia Maxima (Kelp), is a natural and unique source of Auxins and Cytokinins, a group of plant growth bioregulators that have been proven to have a number of beneficial physiological effects on plants.

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Ripen 500ml


For all growing methods: hydroponics and soil Late flowering nutrient. Ripen is a comprehensive plant nutrient used during the late flowering stage of the plant. It is specifically designed to speed up and enhance the ripening process, while increasing the content in active principles of medicinal, aromatic and culinary plants.