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HI98118 GroLine Waterproof pH Tester


Product information “HI98118 GroLine Waterproof pH Tester”

The GroLine HI98118 pH/temperature tester is our latest pocket meter for measuring the pH of a hydroponic nutrient solution. This modern looking meter is only 0.7″ thick and extremely ergonomic, fitting comfortably in your hand. The HI98118 has a very large easy to read LCD display that shows both pH and temperature along with calibration, stability and low battery indicators. All operations are simplified to two buttons. One is for turning the meter on/off and the other for automatic one or two point calibration.

HI 98312 DiST?6 EC/TDS/C?-Tester, (0.00-20.00 mS/cm – 0.00-10.00 g/l (ppt)) waterproof


Product information “HI 98312 DiST?6 EC/TDS/C?-Tester, (0.00-20.00 mS/cm – 0.00-10.00 g/l (ppt)) waterproof”

When the original DiST? (Dissolved Solids Tester) was first introduced, conductivity and total dissolved solids measurements became easy and affordable. The DiST?s ease of use, in combination with it?s affordability, made it the standard in EC and TDS measurement. Hanna continues the standard in EC and TDS testing with the DiST?6.

HI 98128 pH/?C-Tester (0,01 pH resolution) – waterproof


Product information “HI 98128pH/?C-Tester (0.1 pH resolution) – waterproof”

HI 98128 simultaneously measures pH and temperature with 0.1 resolution. It is easy to use, fast and accurate, and is therefore ideally suited for routine measurements. With replaceable electrode.

  • Dual display of pH and temperature
  • Resolution of 0.1 pH
  • Easily replaceable electrode
  • Automatic calibration and temperature compensation
  • Stability indicator for safe values
  • HOLD function to freeze a reading in the display
  • Battery charge indicator and automatic shut-off


Ordering Information 😕?incl tester pH electrode, electrode replacement tool and batteries.

IST98127_04_13?manual please read

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Mini Temperature Display


Mini Temperature Display

  • Switch between in and outside temperature readings
  • Large LCD screen
  • -50?C to 70?C
  • 1?C?accuracy
  • Resolution 0.1?C?when higher then -20?C?and 1?C?when below -20?C
  • 2 button batteries included (LR 44, 1.5 V)

Desktop Temperature and Humidity Indicator

R310.00 R230.00

Desktop Temperature and Humidity Indicator

  • Separate display for humidity and temperature
  • Memory for highest and lowest
  • For hanging and standing
  • Includes battery
  • Measuring range : Temp?-20?C?to 50?C?& Humidity : 10% to 95%
  • Ideal to check the climate in your home and office.