Adjustable top feed spike



Material: PP
Flow: 0-70L/H
Interface Size: 4mm
Working Pressure: 2-4KG
Connection: 4/7 MM Tube
1. Each drip has 8 exit holes for you to control the water flow by adjusting the cap of the drip according to the requirements of different plants; it has 360 degrees overall coverage effect, nice for you to water your plants; the dropper is removable and washable
2. How to use: you can control the water flow rate and the water outlet state by rotating the outlet cover, turn it to left to shut off the water while turn to right to adjust water flow from drop to sprinkler shape.
3. The drip is made of sturdy and durable PP material, washable and reusable, suitable size for 4mm or 7mm tube.
4. Multiple functions: sharp bottom, easy access to soil, the drippers are suitable for ground plants, potted plants, landscaping, flower beds, vegetable gardens, herb gardens, greenhouses, orchards, lawns, natural plants and more; suitable for most kinds of topography, especially for irrigated areas with large slope fluctuation.