Digital Watt Meter Measure your electricity usage


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Do you ever wonder how much electricity your grow is using?
The solution is here!
1) Plug the watt meter in-between the wall plug and your appliance
2) Immediately see exactly what your appliance is using (in watts)
The watt meter is plug and play. Just plug the cord into an electrical outlet and plug any device (up to 3600W) into the watt meter. If you want to measure multiple devices at once, you can plug an extension cord into the outlet of the watt meter
You can measure the following:
Wattage: 0~3600W (Max 3600 watts)
Current: 0-16A (Max 16A)
Power Factor
Electricity Cost
Power consumption of the Power Meter Monitor: 0.5W
Operating Voltage: 230VAC
Frequency Display: 50HZ
Operating Current: Max 16A
Wide Voltage Range: 220V – 240V
The set Wattage display (Watts) is 0~9999W but the actual Wattage display is 0~3600W
Oltage display range:  0~V~9999V
Current Display: 0.000A~16.000A
Frequency display: 0Hz~999Hz
Price display range:0.00 Cost/KWH, 99.99 Cost/KWH
TOTAL KWh and cost display: 0.000KWh,-9999KWh, 0.00 Cost – 9999 Cost
3-pin South African Plug
Functioninmg indicator
Dimensions (LxWxH): 155mm x 70mm x 45mm not including pins