Gold Label coco substrate


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Gold Label coco substrate is specifically designed for growing hydroponically. Dutch quality medium for hydroponics.

Gold Label Coco is manufactured using the fibres from the husk of the coconut. Only matured woody brown husk is used for optimum quality and stability of the substrate. The husk fibres are washed to remove excess EC, buffered to remove potassium and then sieved into fine fibres. All the processing is done in an environmentally friendly way under the supervision of the RHP authority. Gold Label Coco is RHP Horticulture certified thus ensuring quality, stability and crop safety.

Mineral, as well as organic nutrients, can be used with this fully organic, recyclable top quality substrate. The lightweight makes it easy to handle and process.

Gold label Coco XL is a lightweight substrate made from our best-buffered Cocos with very low EC. Gold Label Coco XL carries RHP certificate for Horticulture. This not only guaratees a clean and stable substrate, but also a production process that is environmentally friendly. Gold Label Coco XL is an ideal substrate for hydro-culture: It is a renewable organic material, extra light and expanding. Coco XL can absorb more than 10 times its weight in water, it has a strong capillary function and a stable pH, and it can be recycled in the compost.

Volume: 40L

Net weight: 17.5kg

Recommended Nutrients: Coco Regime

Imported straight to our Port Elizabeth harbor and available in South Africa with nationwide delivery to your door.

Coco Single Hydroponic Substrate

Directions for use to get the best results with coco XL.

Gold Label Coco XL is a rather inert substrate and buffers no plant nutrients. You need to add nutrients when you first water the substrate (use your nutrient supplier’s recommendations).

For the first time watering do not flush or completely saturate the substrate. Allow the plants to root and water again after 4-7 days. Keep plugs or cubes wet after initial planting to prevent cuttings from drying out.

The recommended pH range is 5.2 -> 6.2 – However this depends on the nutrient used.

We recommend Gold Label Nutrients for Coco and follow the feeding schedule. These professional hydroponic nutrients’ quality ingredients facilitate the plant’s nutritional uptake process.

1 to 2 doses per day of water is generally enough for Coco XL. Let the substrate dry out moderately again before watering again. Roots need air, and a saturated substrate will not leave enough air for the roots, inhibiting them from taking up water and nutrients. Remark: Small size pot with large plants dries the substrate quickly, adjust the watering frequency accordingly.

You can use Coco XL watering systems with or without a drain. If you use a watering system without drain we recommend flushing your substrate regularly to prevent the build-up of residual salts. You can use enzymes to flush or add them to the nutrient solution continuously throughout the grow cycle (read Gold Label Nutrient Schedules)

In recirculating or drain to waste systems we recommend 30% drain. The structure of Coco XL can be used for both ebb/flow as overhead irrigation systems.

If you recirculate your nutrients make sure that the pH and EC stay within range. Work clean tp prevent the spread of pathogens throughout the crop.

Clean your tank and replace your nutrients a least once every week.

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