LightHouse StretchNet


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The LightHouse StretchNet comes in one size and is provided with 4 hooks. The hooks allow for the stretchnet to be used in different tent sizes, providing horizontal support for the plants as they grow up through the netting.

Stretch Nets are a simple to use alternative to bean and pea netting. Suitable for use with 1m or 1.2m grow tents.

This support mesh measures 76cm x 76cm when not under tension.

When in use and under tension, each square is roughly 17cm and the net will stretch for use in tents from 80cm square to 1.2 metres square.

Hooks in each corner make this easy to attach and adjust to corner poles with a diameter of up to 25mm.

Providing horizontal support for plants ensures strong evenly distributed limbs, easy air circulation and most importantly an level canopy for even light distribution.

This is a heavy duty net made from bungee straps. It has several uses and comes highly recommended.

For larger Tents simply join multiple nets together using the corner hooks.