ReSun Air Pumps




1. Electromagnetic linear motor, high efficiency, simple construction. Simple construction.

2. Smooth operation with out oil lubrication, low energy consumption.

3. CAD-aided design, large air displacement, high voltage output.

4. SF3 composite bearings, low noise, long life.

The products adopts electric magnetic motor, and the air is produced by piston in the way of straight-line and reciprocal motion, and it has more reasonable structure Non-oil lubrication and pure compressed air Adopt SF1 new type wearing-resistant material for the piston and cylinder , which is of low power consmuption, large air output and high air pressure. The case is made of high-quality ZL102 aluminum alloy with streamline design.and heat-dissipation is more effective. USE: Suitable for high-density aquaculture, for adding oxygen to large Seafood aquaculture and first class aquariums. For non-oil compressed Air chemical treatments in the chemical and medical industries. The products adopts electric magnetic motor

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ACO-001 38L/MIN, ACO-002 40L/MIN, ACO-003 60L/MIN, ACO-004 75L/MIN, AC0-005 80L/MIN, AC0-006 88LMIN, AC0-008 110L/MIN