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They are made of ​​organic and biodegradable materials, and designed to maximize the germination rate and rooting of your plants.Manufactured with a mix of peat and bark, and bonded together with biodegradable polymers obtained from processed vegetable matter, they achieve a texture very similar to Jiffy peat cubes .

Thanks to these characteristics, they do not deform when touched, as happens with blocks of soil that need a gently handling. They also accelerate the germination process of cannabis seeds and enhance the rooting of marijuana cuttings, providing a more vigorous growth to plants.

They have a dual hole; there is an upper part designed to place the seed knowing that it is the most suitable environment forit, and a second thinner hole to support the cutting, leaving enough space for the rooting gel in the upper part.

RootIt Natural Rooting Sponges features:

50 sponges included
Rooting and germination enhancer
Fully biodegradable and organic
Retains the right amount of water and oxygen
Dual Hole