The SolisTek A1+ DE (Double Ended) 1000 watt fixture is a professional high output light with the highest performance on the market based on reliability, output, & consistency. Safety and technology are the foundation of all SolisTek products. This SolisTek commercial lighting fixture is equipped with many features that are SolisTek exclusive and designed in a way that is simple & easy to use.


The SolisTek A1+ powers both double ended HPS & Metal Halide lamps. SolisTek DE HPS lamps have proven to have incredibly high PAR output, a broader spectrum than traditional single ended HPS lamps, and only 5% depreciation @ 10,000 hours. ?SolisTek Metal Halide lamps have proven to be a great solution for providing mized spectrum to your garden.

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High Quality and High Performance, the SolisTek A1+ 1000w Lighting Systems

The professional and incredibly high-output 230V SolisTek A1+ 1000w Lighting System delivers both optimum light quality and unparalleled reliability, allowing you to get the most from each and every harvest. The SolisTek A1+ 1000w Lighting System can utilise both high pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) double ended lamps which flood your grow room with high levels of plant usable light.

The SolisTek A1 Reflector’s ability to distribute light evenly and effectively covers even the furthest reaches of your growing area. The standard system includes the SolisTek 1000w 2K DE Lamp, where as the complete kit includes the SolisTek 4K, 6K and 10K 1000w DE lamps, so you can switch each lamp in or out depending on your current period of growth or bloom grow, providing you with the ultimate in grow lighting control for all stages of a plants life.

  • SolisTek A1+ 1000w Lighting System produces incredibly high levels of PAR light of up to 2,100 umols!
  • Spreads light to the furthest corners of your growing area thanks to the SolisTek A1 Reflector
  • Features “Ignition control” & “SmartSense” diagnostic checks to ensure your lamp and ballast are run in perfect harmony
  • Surprisingly light weight yet highly durable and easy to install
  • Combine with the¬†SolisTek Lighting Controller¬†for complete lighting control of up to 300 lights!
  • SolisTek lamps are tuned for optimal light output with SolisTek Lighting Systems
  • Uses 230V double ended lamps, that produce up to 20% more PAR than single ended lamps
  • Adjustable wattage output of 600w, 660w, 750w, 825w, 1000w, 1100w to suit any size grow area
  • Standard system includes the SolisTek 1000w 2K DE HPS Lamp
  • Complete system includes the SolisTek 1000w DE 4K daylight, 6K dark blue and 10K finishing lamps
  • The SolisTek A1+ is the cumulation of years of research and development for the perfect horticultural grow light


Your choice of SolisTek A1+ 1000w Lighting System (choose your system option above)

Standard System includes:
1x SolisTek A1+ 1000w Lighting System
1x SolisTek 1000w DE 2K HPS lamp
1x Probe (for use with the SolisTek Lighting Controller)
1x Auxiliary lead (for use with the SolisTek Lighting Controller)
1x Power cord


70cm x 44.5cm x 14cm


Power cord length:
2 meters

Probe length:
1.3 meters

Auxiliary cord length:
7.3 meters

230 volt

How the SolisTek A1+ 1000w Lighting System Works:

The SolisTek A1+ 1000w Lighting System is a complete fixture with the ballast attached directly to the dimpled SolisTek A1 Reflector, which spreads light evenly throughout the growing area, while allowing heat to dissipate through its ventilation slits. SolisTek designed this lighting system with the professional grower in mind and ballast features “Ignition Control” plus “SenseSmart” technology to power your SolisTek lamps properly. This slowly increases the amount of power to the lamp instead of allowing too much raw power to go straight to the bulb, this both protects the lamp and extends its lifespan.

The SolisTek Lighting System Ballast can be dimmed using the knob on the back of the ballast, this allows further control of the light produced and can come in handy when outside temperatures are causing indoor problems. The complete SolisTek A1+ 1000w Lighting System adds nicley to the SolisTek A1+ Grow Light by combining the three remaining lamps required for a full cycle grow in one kit bundle.By using all four lamps you will be able to change in or out each lamp to correspond to every stage of a plants life cycle, therefore your plants will receive lighting perfectly suited to that particular period of veg or bloom, boosting plant health, vitality and most importantly your end products yield and quality.

Use the SolisTek 6K Dark Blue lamp for vegetation, as it produces a high concentration of blue and purple light, for shorter and tighter inter node spacing and bushier, healthy growth. The SolisTek 4K Daylight is for the later vegetation period as this lamp provides full spectrum lighting, high in the blue, green and yellow spectrum, perfect for vigorous and robust growth which leads nicely into the flowering period. You can then use the excellent SolisTek 2K HPS to flower off your plants, before switching to the SolisTek 10K Finishing Lamp with its unique spectral output for the final week to ten days. This adds extra quality via UV light to your end product, literally allowing it to finish to perfection.

Warehouse Coverage:
Single unit: up to 6 x 7
Series: 5 x 6

Greenhouse Coverage (Primary):
Single unit: up to 7 x 8
Series: 6 x 7

Greenhouse Coverage (Supplemental):
Single unit: up to 8 x 10
Series: 7 x 8