TSW 2000 Quantum Board


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TSW 2000 Quantum Board Led Grow Light

TSW 2000 Quantum Board Led Grow Light is a latest version light. Upgraded power supply, fans, as well as led chips, provide you the highest built quality . With the creative reflector cup design to give out the perfect mixed spectrum lights, meet the needs of those who must have the absolute highest quality harvest possible. When you demand enormous yields, ultimate control is just part of the recipe. Incredible power at low operating temperatures gives you more than double the par values per watt compared to traditional HID or HPS lighting.

Maximise Energy Efficiency

Cut down the power usage and lower your bills!. Simply eliminate the waste of supplying spectrums not needed for a plants specific growth cycle. Save even more money by no longer needing additional equipment.

TSW 2000 Led Grow Light Outperforms HID

You can achieve the same amount of plant growth or more with half of the electricity consumed. Previous forms of lighting (examples: HID, HPS, Fluorescents) can be very powerful, but unfortunately they aren’t very efficient. That is why LED grow lights have taken over the horticulture

Photosynthetic Action Spectrums

The entire TS series has the unique feature of changing the spectral output to best suite your gardens current growth cycle. Below is a representation of the available spectrums for each mode Bloom, Growth, and Seedling.

Bloom Spectrum

Bloom mode is the maximum output the light can produce. Adding in the red spectrums, during bloom, the device delivers a full spectrum output

Growth Spectrum

Also known as the vegetative stage, this mode primarily focuses on white and blue spectrums.