Unsulphered Black Strap Molasses 1L


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Soil additive for improving microbial activity in the soil.

Adding sugar (in the form of molasses) to the feeding program for your garden sets the beneficial microbes on a feeding frenzy as the sugars break down into enzymes. It’s a natural source of potassium and calcium which assists plants in bud and flower formation. A natural “chelating” agent. Molasses is useful to plants throughout their life cycle but it is most valuable at the transition from the vegetative stage to the peak of bloom, when the need for sugars is highest. Incorporating molasses into your regular feeding cycle is most effective and easiest when it is combined with other ingredients in a well-balanced liquid fertiliser. All of the nutrients in the solution are more readily absorbed when molasses is in the mix and the sugars are available when plants need them most.

Highest benefit from molasses in your nutrient solution is in soil-based systems, though it works for hydro, too. If adding your own molasses, be sure to check the pH of the solution before giving it to your plants – the sugars will pull it toward the acidic side.

Application: Apply as a soil drench weekly during flowering.

Dosage: 3-5ml per 10L water